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By Lindas
Hi everyone,

Here is a photo of the Drummond metal lathe which is at my dad's and was my grandads. There are many cutters, wheels, chucks plus plus and 3 Mitsubishi motor drives with motors of varying hp. I can't find a serial number on it. Would anyone have any idea of its age and of its usefulness in terms of modern lathes. Any info at all would be helpful in understanding what we have here
By Blockplane

The above, and subsequent pages on the same website, holds all the answers.

It is what is generally referred to as a "pre B" type. All the old Drummonds have quite a following, and depending on the amount of equipment included ( and what someone is prepared to pay on the day) I would expect it to sell for somewhere in the range £120 - 250.
By Lindas
Ah, I should have posted in metalworking. I can do that. Still getting used to the different places here.

Many thanks for the helpful information and the Drummond link. It’s another step forward.

By Blockplane
If you do Facebook, there is a Myford/Drummond group on there who can offer advice (not to mention that it is far easier to upload photos than on this site, which seems to require a degree in computer programming) There is a also a Yahoo group, the files area of which is ful of valuable material .
By Lindas
Ah, thank you so much. I will look those up. Very helpful. In terms of photo uploading here. I have found a photo resizing app for my phone and that seems to be a better solution. . Thank you all again. Hope you won't mind my posting a few more to identify and I have been preparing some sash cramps to put up on gumtree, one us an enormously huge MARPLES which I'll photograph to show folks. It seems like a monster to me but you all may think it is just run of the mill!!