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By Jahwoosh
Hi to one n all, recently purchased an Elu DB180 lathe and am struggling to find either a face plate or chuck to fit it. Peter Childs tells me it's a special 18 mm thread, have tried Rutlands in Derbyshire and they cannot help. So am appealing to anyone on here for either parts or info so's I can use the blessed thing. Hoping I haven't been sold a pup. (homer) Thanks in advance.
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By pollys13
Find your local model railway club,I mean like the steam trains kids sit on. You should find several members who own their own metal working lathes and mills, explain your problem, they should be to help at a nominal cost.
By hawkeyefxr
If you can't find an adapter look on forums for metal work or metal turning.
Someone there may be able to help. An 18mm thread is quite small so if you choose an M33 thread as the bigger one this will not increase the overhand of the chuck.
The adapter will have to be made at one go so when it is parted off the 18mm and M33 thread run concentric.
It's not easy to do an internal threads are a pipper to cut but those guys like a challenge, as to the cost try pleading :-).
Good luck.

There is another thread here on ELU DB 180 LATHE lathes and the thread appears to be 18mm*2.5 pitch.
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By Dalboy
Worth seeing when Charnwood get them back in stock. A useful chart for anyone looking for an adaptor HERE it means that any accessories will need to be M33 X 3.5 but that could be a good thing if you every upgrade your machine as many newew lathes are using that size