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By Andrew1
Hi I am new to stroll saws and have been watching as many videos as I can. I am struggling to get my head round what blades I need. I have a Scheppach saw, not the best, with standard supplied pin blades. I am looking doing some relatively detailed work, which I struggle to get tight turns with existing blades. Does anyone have any recommendations please, typically material upto 6mm hardwood and ply/MDF. Would prefer pin due to ease or getting in or out. Thanks for any suggestions
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By Droogs
Hi and welcome. A general rule of thumb is to choose a blade size that will give you at least 3 teeth inside the thickness of the material. If you are doing really intricate or small cuts then you will want to use a blades that will give you more teeth in the cut than that. Bear in mind that the finer the blade the slower the cut rate will be for any given thickness of material.
Your main problem will be if you intend to do a lot of internal cuts then it would be best to convert to a pinless holding system. ~This is due to the fact that if the size of the internal hole is smaller than the width of the pin (and this happens a lot) you will not be able to do it as the blade wont fit in. As to blade brand - personally I use PEGAS - there are many out there. Try to buy by the gross in a range of sizes. Sizing of blade goes from Six ought at the smallest going up to 0 and then through the numbers to around 13 depending on the brands system. They all have the options of differing tooth geometry for different types of material to be cut and cutting preference. Blades are inexpensive when bought in bulk and until "you get it" you will break a lot, especially the sub ) sizes.

By aramco
hi I personally use flying Dutchman blades especially the spiral ones - they take a bit of getting used to - and do a lot of internal cutting , I did watch a lot of Charles dearing videos he uses nothing else but spiral blades, the only thing about spirals it you cannot get a real good pointed corner , but if one is particular one can do a blade change to a straight blade and cut the corner , but it will take forever cutting 450 hole piece, and yes some go up to a 1000,

take care