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By dig
I changed the email in my profile, but I did not get a verification email to active my account. ( I have requested a resend a few times). Funnily enough, whilst the email works and I can send and receive from it, on another site I also changed my email the the very same one and likewise a verification email was not received. Something peculiar is going on. Anyway I have created a new email account.

But of course my account is not activated so I cannot change the email address. The message does advise one to contact a board administrator, but it does not give and email address to make this contact as far as I can see. So I was stuffed. The only was I could see to communicate was to set up another UKW account. I could not send a private message to anyone who may be an administrator presumably because I'm a newbie, so I have to put this on this forum. I hope you can assist. My username that needs activation is bg. When its activated I will delete my new dig username.

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Assume the mail address for this account is the one you wish to use, if so mail your original user name to me in reply to the e-mail you should be receiving and I will see about editing account and send you a mail with confirmation of change and temp. password.