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By Honest John
Yes I was aware of these. I also thought about nylon threaded studding in a fine size, but I chickened out of trying this sort of arrangement as I didn’t feel very confident about drilling into the side of a 6mm bar and still maintain the strength and integrity of the bar. Using an end mill as a drill bit to mill flat bottomed 1/2 inch diameter shallow hole seemed a simpler MK2 one seems to work very well! But I suspect that I could make an even better one based on my experiences wth the first two. I’m sure I had at one time a bar of HDPE about an inch diameter. If I can find it, and turn it down to half inch, I could drill it to 4mm countersink the end and part off a neat little washer that should work better than the PVC ones that I am currently using and not be as brittle.