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By Big Al
Ordered some jig bits & bobs late this PM, just received an email telling me they have been despatched.
Their product list is perfect for anyone building jigs. Have a peek at the website but don't let the HWMBO see you.
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By wcndave
To answer an earlier suggestion I can confirm that the xcalibur had a standard slot and its smallest footprint is 24" wide including motor housing and 32" deep. Add increments of about 10" per wing. Solid kit but not super cheap. Same as delta though I think so surprised you can't pare that machine down.

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By GrahamF
I was considering the Incra but found one of these on Gumtree, practically brand new, for £30 including postage. Has grub screws with spring loaded ball ends which can be adjusted to fit the table mitre slots. The Incra would still be my first choice if buying new but this is accurate enough for my needs. ... auge-fence
By Lonsdale73
I took delivery of a V120 today and immediately set about setting it up. Opened the packet containing the Allan key and tried to adjust the spacers and immediately regretted not having had my porridge this morning! Or indeed any morning since I don't know when. The amount of force required to make even the slightest movement had me fearing the imperial key was likely to snap but eventually I got to a point where there was no sideways movement - no movement at all at one stage - so I returned to the instructions for the next step. Yes, I know I'm odd, I do actually read the instructions. Might have been an idea to read them all the way through first of all as very next line says "the disks are designed to require a fair amount of adjustment torque for proper expansion"!

And that was it. As with the initial review, the fence was perfectly square to the blade out the box. As with other Incra gear, it feels like quality. I made two quick test cuts - one at 0 degrees and one at 45 - and checked both against my Incra squares and both were spot on.

Question I do have though is should the index tooth mesh with with the indents on the gauge? Mine seems to go under.
By Lonsdale73
Looked at it again in cold light of day and tooth was definitely under the indent, not engaging with the indent. The instant I slackened the small knob it immediately popped up into place! No idea why it didn't do that yesterday, when knob was slacked right off to enable initial set up but it is now as it should be. and I'm itching to put it to use!