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By aramco
[attachment=0]20180101_224024.jpg[/attachment/attachment]hi happy new year to one and all this is one of my recent attempts at intarsia done for my wife as a 51st wedding anniversary present.Now for massive clanger I have dropped mine is the one above Brians and compared to his mine is rubbish. It is made out of corian

Pain is best attention getter
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By aramco
Hi phill yes she was but I must confess it is a copy of Brian's - claymore - that he did a while ago hope he doesnt mind.


pain is the best attention getter
By aramco
hi Brian thanks or the compliment, and no we do not have a cavalier any more saluki, whippet, brown border collie and a kelpi cross border collie. We did have a ruby charlie very small and he hated me he lived to a ripe old age I worked away for most of his life or we could have had major problems.

I have nearly finished a Clydesdale and foal but without harness and made them black and white only have to do the colour round their feet I did this as I love gypsie type horses had a few over the last 15 years none now I am too old to mess on now.

why did you choose Axminster over hegner scroll saws ??


pain is the best attention getter