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By Chris152
Thanks all.

I now have a toothing plane PAC, but got it for working finer, complex grain - it's a pretty dinky little thing - but did you mean to get a toothing blade and shape for scrubbing/ stock removal? Does anyone do that?

That's an astonishing piece of wood, Custard. When I write about 'complex/ difficult grain' I'm pretty sure it's bread and butter grain to an experienced professional - I wouldn't know where to begin with a board like that. I think I'd be reaching for the belt sander. I don't know how well it works, but when I was looking for a waney-edge board I noticed that Interesting Timbers have a new machine for processing such boards? I'm sure they'd still need finishing anyway.

Next time I'm in Axminster I'll take a look at the Veritas scrub plane, I'd not noticed it has no cap iron. Is it because the cap iron can't get close enough to do any good? I've been setting mine when grain gets tricky so only about half (the centre) was beyond the cap, and it seemed to make a bit of a difference but is much slower. That said, I'm not sure if it improved things.

Thanks again,

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By Droogs
Scrubs planes don use the cap iron it gets in the way of what t is meant to do. Also you don't shape a toothing blade other than have it nice an straight, It is not meant for hogging off lots of material. You use the scrub to hog it off and then use the toothing plane togive you a uniform and level (not smooth) the playingfield as it were. Once done then you use a scraper of some sort to get the finish you want.
By Chris152
That's interesting. I wonder if his reason for using a toothing blade is to reduce tearout - it doesn't look like he's short of kit so guess he has a scrub plane. Could you put a camber on the iron and make it still more efficient/ less teary as a scrub plane?
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By Pete Maddex
A cambered toothing plane would leave different depths of groves which would be very difficult to remove with a cabinet scraper.

By Chris152
I guess I'm working hard to find something to compensate for a lack of competence/ inability to read grain! Thanks Pete.

edit: I had a question on finishing but realised this thread's strayed to far, so moving it to Finishing. But I can't delete the picture...
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