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By Inspector
We recently bough some granite countertop remnants on sale. Part of the deal is they cut the granite into whatever you want. So we have a couple tabletops being cut. One small rectangular and the other an oval about 32" x 48". They are going on heavy Oak legs with skirted frame under the tops. Reason being we get a lot of wind here in the Prairies. :wink:

I want to attach the top to the bases so they can be shifted around the deck, to store them in the winter and so the wood can be refinished when needed. Does anyone have suggestions on what hardware I could bond (epoxy) to the stone that would allow the top to be unfastened from the frame?

I don't want to use the kitchen cabinet trade's method of glueing the top to the carcasses with Silicone.

Would any of the marble tops on antique tables and dressers have been attached or did they just sit on top and allow gravity to hold them down?

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By Bm101
Think it's well established I don't know what I'm talking about Pete ( :wink: ) so just an idea but what about some holes drilled in both marble (slightly oversize) and frames and simple dowels. That way you could remove the tops to move them more easily.
Having seen some of the weather you get over there however....


You could always use resin and bolts from underneath. Very heavy old slate fireplace I had in my house was held together with small bolts and plaster (but indoors of course), but same idea and that had lasted a 100 years odd.
By Inspector
Chris you know as much as I do because if I knew more I wouldn't have to ask. ;)

I'm not sure exactly where the skirt will sit on the granite (or visa versa if you prefer) so holes weren't asked for. Truth be told It was an impulse to go there and we had no idea what we would find much less know the sizes we'd end up with. I don't want to attempt the drilling of the granite myself as it is a spendy product even at half price.

By sunnybob
Dont drill the granite. theres a good chance it will split.

I had a coffee table made from old worktop granite and just fitted the round chrome legs you see in the DIY stores. Its been outdoors in our summer and winters for years.
Two part epoxy on the unpolished underside will grab and hold anything you want it to and stay forever.
By Inspector
Thanks Bob. I want to be able to remove the top to make it easier for the wife and I to carry it in through the doors of the house and back out again to store over the winter so epoxying the top and base together have been ruled out.

I have bounced a few ideas around and am leaning to epoxying some of the same oak the base will be made from to the top and then make buttons to attach the top as one would do for a solid wood top. The skirt will be wide enough for that.

I won't be drilling any holes as I am sure it would end up being a disaster. If this hadn't been an impulse by SWMBO to go and have a look I could have planned things out more and had holes drilled by the countertop people if I wanted to go that route.

By sunnybob
man, that granite is HEAVY!.
Our table is about 30" square and its all I can do to lift it and hobble along with it.
The legs had alloy brackets which ordinarily would be screwed to a counter top and then the legs screwed into them.

Dont know about epoxying wood to granite, but as long as you use the correct mixture should be fine.