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By Honest John
Has anyone tried the “Thick and Quick” glue from Titebond? Looks like it may be excellent for gluing open segment work on my lathe and also for gluing intarsia parts to the backer board. I’ve used Titebond original and Titebond 2 hitherto, but I’m 5hinking that a thicker and quicker curing glue could be even better. Has anyone tried it ?
By MJOriginals
Hi john

Not tried the new thick glue as reading some of the pr stuff from manufacturer says that it’s not water resistant when dry and it does seem to be solvent resistant either so I was worried about using finishes may weaken glue parts, I have had pretty good success with TITEBOND III which I use most of the time.
Hope this helps
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By Honest John
I had read of the manufacturers claims, and as you say damp and water contact could be a problem, but they say it’s unaffected by finishes. It looks attractive to me because it dries clear and has a very fast initial grab, and I’m thinking that it would be very useful when I’m gluing up open segments on my segment gluing jig, and I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Judy Gale Roberts was using it to stick intarsia parts to the backer boards. She seems to subscribe to the group that glues only to the backer board and not segment to segment, and the fast grab properties seem to lend themselves to this. I think I shall buy some whenever I get the opportunity, and give it a go.