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By nev
Closing time for hat entry will be 5pm tomorrow (Friday). Thanks for having a go everyone.
I'm in.
Having been subjected to both Prostate and Bowel cancer, my preferred Charity is Cancer Research UK so I've just Paypalled them another crisp tenner.
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By nev
Thank you gents.

Thats 8 of you in the hat.
In the order of ''count me in''
1. Steve M
2. Merlin
3. BM101
4. Andy T
5. Pete M
6.Mike G
7. Lons
8. MJP

Random number generator courtesy of google and the winner is ...

no. 5 - Pete Maddex. I shall PM you shortly Pete. :)

Thanks again gents.
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By Lons
Thanks for doing that Nev I'll send my contribution to the BHF tomorrow.

I'm not sure I want to know what the rest of us have missed but it's worse not knowing. #-o
By Beanwood
Just to say, what a terrific idea.
I wanted to stick my name in, but (Perhaps like others?) don't feel I've contributed enough to justify my entry. I recognise all of the entrants as regular contributors- thank you all.
I too would love to know what I could've won though .... :D
By merlin
Bit of a tangent but I decided not to send Christmas cards this year, instead I have given to The Poppy Appeal and Cancer Research.

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By nev
We wouldn't want to ruin Pete's surprise would we :D

Maybe he can do the big reveal after he's received the parcel. (but I wouldn't get too excited, there are no first edition museum pieces in there :) )
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By Pete Maddex
The box arrived today, and this is what was in it.


Looks like some good stuff, some cleaning and sharpening in the future for me.

Thanks again Nev.

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By Steve Maskery
Nice! Excellent.
My tenner is going to the local food bank.
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By nev
Glad it got there Pete. Originally was just the brace and spokeshave but thought I'd chuck in the other bits as I'll never use them. Hope you find something useful.
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By Pete Maddex
I am thinking about cleaning /sharpening and offerings them for a donation to charity just to keep the ball rolling.

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By nev
Thank you all again gents. I was only expecting the 'winner' to donate a tenner but it seems most, if not all of you have donated a few quid, and whilst unexpected is thoroughly appreciated. =D> =D>
By Blockplane
Could we make this an annual UKW charity fundraiser?

I'm sure many of us have a few surplus items we would be willing to rehome.

I'm not in a position to do Secret Santa, but would be happy to do this most years.