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By Ttrees
The most important thing to think about here, would be the safety aspect now, and down the road.
If it got damaged in this wee car or even on a truck,
and propped up by other methods, probably very likely to happen, with some designs....
it could be a dangerous affair!
Price that into the list, I mean by that
in, maybe refusing to agree with the clients design, and not doing it the cheapest way possible...
He could have his own ideas by now to add to the mix. :P
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By MikeG.
Tasky wrote:.......Thick carpet might be an issue too.

He wants it to stand on top of the carpet?

There's a time you have to laugh, put a hand on his shoulder, and tell him he's mad as a cut snake.
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By Tasky
rafezetter wrote:how heavy is a broadswoard and musket... anyone know?

1-2lbs and 10.5lbs respectively... don't ask how I know!

"It'll only need to be taken down and moved once or twice in its lifetime, between two houses that are confirmed as built to the same design and measurements", apparently...

I've asked if his sister, who still lives in SA, can go back to this miracle house from 1982 where he saw it and take photos if the bloody thing is still standing!! :roll:
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By Bm101
Might a bit of research on exhibition stands or similar be fruitful Tasky? Bit left field but you never know. Google a few specialist providers to trade. Might pick up an idea or two.
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By Tasky
TBH, I think this will end up just being half-height cabinets with some kind of load-bearing backing.
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By Tasky
Finally found out what this eccentric moron has in mind...

What he wants is theatrical scenery.
Because he trod the boards as a youth, you see....which means he built a set once, so knows far more about woodwork than anyone else, including me.

Basically a pair of fence post supports, with 1" square uprights that have a groove ploughed in, and then sheets of plywood slid in between them. 3mm is ideal, but 5mm will have to do.
Failing that, nail the plywood to the face of the 1" uprights to prevent racking, because that is so much steadier...

I think I've convinced him that a man of his considerable talent and experience is perfectly capable of pineappling off and pineappling this up by himself, so doesn't need me to do anything more than plough a few grooves!
By Jacob
Free standing partition is often called a screen or room divider and is not at all uncommon. Just needs feet, or like ScaredyCat's above, set at an angle to each other, or both

PS ScaredyCat's screens at right angles have disappeared!

Not sure why the idea has caused massed panic attack! :D
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By Tasky
Geoff_S wrote:Well, it has been a bit of a farce.
Are you going on tour? :D

I'm thinking we should...
He can use the show takings to hire Rob Cosman and have him build this faux-scenery cack!!

I think the best scene of the whole farce was him telling me his frame (two uprights, two crossbeams) was most definitely an A-frame (OK, it was a square A shape) and that A-frames do NOT have a point at the top.
One quick Google later....

Oh, and the one where this free-standing structure of his was not actually a "structure" because it was not part of the building.....!!

Jacob wrote:Free standing partition is often called a screen or room divider and is not at all uncommon.

Ah, but it still costs more money than theatrical scenery, you see....

I really do feel like Marwood, being spoken to by Uncle Monty. I keep expecting an anecdote of how, as a youth, he would weep in butcher shops!