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By Lonsdale73
0030_The Hall_110319.jpg

Not sure if this might be something you metal workers would appreciate or not. My friends recently bought an old farmhouse that's been largely neglected for the last fifty years. No vintage Rolls Royce, classic tractor or even a load of well aired bog oak found in the barns but they do have this old forge. I don't know if it's testimony to the quality in its original manufacture however the bellows are still intact and appear to still be in perfect working order. I couldn't quite convince them to fire it up to find out for sure though!

0033_The Hall_110319.jpg
0033_The Hall_110319.jpg
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By AndyT
Wow, what a lovely find. I bet there are plenty of amateur blacksmiths who would love to be able to make use of that.
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By AndyT
I thought those bellows looked familiar...

Here they are, I think, in a Tyzack catalogue from 1908. There were ten sizes to choose from!


I've no idea how old yours are - I expect the same design stayed available for a long time - but they could date back a century or more.
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By Trevanion
I suspect a large bellows like that in as good of condition as it is in is worth a small fortune.
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By Bm101
What Trevanion said.
Blacksmithing, metal working, backyard forging has a huge amount of devotees. Just like those willing to pay £1000s for a Spiers plane I'll bet there will be a select few willing to pay fortunes for that.
What a find. Lovely.
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By Lons

The only thing previous owners have ever left me is rubbish they couldn't be bothered to take to the tip. :(
By Lonsdale73
You bought from same seller as me!
By Lonsdale73
AndyT wrote:Wow, what a lovely find. I bet there are plenty of amateur blacksmiths who would love to be able to make use of that.

I'd hoped they would start it up again, make it bit of a feature but not enough hours in the day for them as it is. I got the guided tour today, loads of outbuildings they're not quite sure what they're going to do with yet and I'm thinking in my head "Workshop! Workshop! Workshop!"

As we were going round I spotted some ironmongery I wondered if they had maybe been made on site.

0040_The Hall_110319.jpg

0070_The Hall_110319.jpg

If they were looking to sell, any suggestions as to where they should be looking?
By bourbon
DO NOT try and pump the bellows! If they have been standing for a while, The leather will have dried out and any movement will crack the leather, making a very expensive job to replace. Get the guy to literally smother all of the leather with neatsfoot oil. it will absorb loads, keep doing it until it won't absorb anymore, then move them slowly and check if there is a draught from the tue. If so, all good. If not there is a tear somewhere and get your wallet out!