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By Ial750
Hi, I am after advice on the a suitable finish to use on 3 large redwood lintels in a newly finished extension. I don’t want to paint or varnish the lintels, but want to keep them looking as natural as possible. I have read on the Forum about using Osmo oil, but have never done so myself so have no direct knowledge of it. I would be grateful for any advice on using Osmo or any other finish that would leave the timber looking as it does now.

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By MikeG.
Nothing you can apply to pine will keep it looking pale and "natural". They're going to darken and yellow, come what may. Why do you want to apply a finish? Timber lintels were traditionally left un-finished, albeit, they weren't traditionally made of pine.
By Ial750
Thanks for the reply. I had assumed that it was wise to apply some sort of finish to the wood to protect it, but from what you say clearly not. Thanks for the answer.