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By Doug71
Thanks for the advice guys, think I will go for a combination of 2 part filler in the small cracks and some fix-all in the bigger ones.

Unfortunately I can't just replace the pieces as it's all the bottom and mid rails on my drive gates, this photo might make it a bit clearer when you can see the hinge.

gate rail 2.jpg

The gates have never had much attention as they were only meant to be temporary till I made the proper ones, 6 years on they are still temporary :|
By owen
MikeG. wrote:
owen wrote:CT1 is overpaintable, Also some others like fix-all and clear fix

But they're high modulous (ie relatively inflexible).

But CT1 is flexible? Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?
This is from the CT1 website..

 "It remains flexible up to 350% whilst never sacrificing its strength."
By rafezetter
MikeG. wrote:
rafezetter wrote:If you are thinking of something flexible to fill it (assuming you don't replace it) caulk designed for expansion joints has a high flex rating; 25% if memory serves - there are some that are over paintable..........

Are there? I didn't know there were low modulus silicon sealants which could be painted. Obviously that would demand a highly flexible paint, at least as flexible as the sealant.

Well quite - and there's the rub, I think if those gaps were filled with something flexible, the filler won't be the next issue to deal with.

Phil - on the few occasions I've had to do a deep patch / fill with 2part in wood I've also really soaked the soft wood with hardener, drilled out some holes and soaked those as well with a syringe for deep penetration, then plugged those holes with hardwood then soaked again and put screws with washers there to act as ties, then filled it all. I've done it 5 times - 3 for a "get us through the next 2 years before we replace the whole lot with UPVc" and 2 times at my parents house a couple of years back, and so far at least those 2 seem fine.