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By AndyT
Ah, making your own big threads for a bench vice... that's a fascinating rabbit hole to explore. There are quite a few methods, depending what kit you have, some of which got discussed here: an-alternative-way-to-cut-big-threads-in-wood-t78726.htm
and also here:


I do recommend getting hold of an old treadle powered lathe if you possibly can! :lol:
By Copes
I'm almost finished with my workbench build which has taken forever, but i guess i can chip in with maybe another option not considered.

I bought all of my wood from the oxford wood recycling centre, for my top i managed to find some really nice old 10"x2" roofing beams which i ripped in half to 5x2" and a bunch of other 2x4 for the rest of the structure and 4x4s for the legs.

Of course there's the odd nick here and there and the odd screw hole although some careful selection of the top, there's no holes or issues in the top and its old wood and you're helping out the enviroment a bit. All in all it was about £50 and i picked it up myself but i do believe they deliver.

I started with hand planing/squaring everything which i'm just not cut out for! so it was all put to the side but now i've recently got a P/T i'm almost finished it. i'll pop up some pictures when i do.

I'd second or third, the record vice. I picked up an old battered 53 from ebay for again i think £40? but with a bit of magic green slime and some new rustoleum dark blue paint it's looking good as new(almost)

Hah so my long waffle was basically to say check out your local reclemation/recycling centre for old timber if you don't mind a bit more work.
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By DigitalM
Wood recycling centre! I'm jealous. Will make some enquiries locally to see if we have anything similar.

My build keeps getting postponed due to other jobs in the workshop. I've got to do it before the end of summer. I'm using the excuse that the wood is acclimatising in the workshop. That'll do for the moment.