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By DigitalM
Eclipse 38 Saw File

Does anyone have a set of instructions handy (PDF, Photo). There are other threads on the forum but the links are all long dead. My own googling turned up nothing.

I realise it's not everyone's bag, and relatively easy to do without such an aid with some practice, but it was cheap and I'd like to give it a go!
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By AndyT
You're in luck.

I printed out a copy (back in 2012 according to the footer) and slipped it into the box next to mine. I'd read disparaging comments about it but decided to buy one for a couple of quid when I had the chance, so I could make up my own mind. Can't say I've used it much but that's not what you asked!

Anyway, this is what you need. Thanks due to Katellwood and his old photobucket account.


By Bod
The key to using one of these, is to carefully set the depth, so only the minimum of metal is removed.
It's easy to cut too deep a tooth.
Useful for quick touch-ups rather than rebuilding the tooth line.

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By DigitalM
Bod went to some serious effort to get a very complete set of instructions over to me. If anyone knows of some place that such a thing can be uploaded more permanently for others to be able to find in future, please let me know. Thanks Bod!