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By RogerJSJ
This is not a question as to which powered respirator is the best (Trend, Axminster etc.) but just what do people use for ear defenders when using a respirator? The Trend Airflow used to have an option of clip on ear defenders but they seem to have been discontinued.
By Inspector
A long time ago I had a Racel air helmet. I got the optional ear muffs for it and because the motor was in the helmet the noise went straight to my ears. I went to disposable ear plugs. I would make absolutely sure that any muffs attached to the powered respirator didn't do the same. Might be okay with the air delivery fan worn on the belt.

By Duncan A
I use a Sundstrom SR500 belt-worn unit, with a SR540 headtop.
Despite the fan being worn on the belt there is a moderate amount of noise at the headtop if worn without ear protection. It doesn't bother me - but my hearing's not much good in any case.
The SR540 headtop is very comfortable but makes it impossible to wear ear defenders so I use expanding foam ear plugs, which do a reasonable job and also reduce the fan noise quite considerably.
However, it is generally considered that a decent set of ear defenders e.g. Peltor are more effective than ear plugs, although you do need to look at the type of ear defender and it's attenuation rating as well as the fit. Peltor Optime are pretty good, with three levels of attenuation available (Optime I/II/III) and headband/neckband/helmet mount options.
I find a good start as they stock so many different types - useful for comparison purposes.
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By Jonzjob
I use a pair of govt surplus, well they are now!, ear defenders I had when I was in the R.A.F. and working on jet aircraft. They slip over the top of my ISP Power Cap set no problems. They are comfortable and they work.