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By Claymore
One of the most useful tools for making intarsia is a Dremel/Proxxon or similar rotary tool and most people will have a 1/2" sanding drum bit? well I use them all the time and last year I bought one of these ... SwWMhaT6v0
The idea is it saves time changing the abrasive drums without having to use a screwdriver.......well anyone who has one of these will probably find after a month or so the abrasive drums won't stay on the blue rubber drum because the rubber wear smooth so no grip :evil:
I have loads of rotary tool bits including a set of Dura-Grit bits which are expensive but last years, today after trying to sand some work i got fed up with the Dremel rubbish and noticed that I had a 1/2" Dura-Grit drum bit and tried to slide an abrasive drum onto the dura'grit bit and it fits perfect and not only support the band right to the edge so you can use the full width of the band but because the Dura-Grit has a rough surface it won't slip! :D it doesn't damage the Dura-Grit and is easy to change bands then remove the band and use the Dura-Grit (it is a bit smoother than the abrasive bands and leaves a nice smooth finish to your wood).
So don't waste your money on the Dremel rubbish and save up for a Dura-Grit like this ... SwOyJX37AF then buy your 1/2" sanding drums NOT from Dremel but from Nail manicure shops on Ebay just as good as Dremel but VERY cheap.

By NazNomad
I'd really miss the little screws though.

''Hmm, just needs another ½ turn to get the sanding drum on... and... FUUUUU, where did that go?''

I have a LOT of those and 25% of them have no screw in the end = useless.

These SpeedClic ones look inspired.
Thanks for that Brian. Useful info, I must try that - and the nail people's sanding drums.

BTW, I don't have any Speed Clic sanding drums but do have Speed Clic cut off discs (for metal work), and although quite pricey, I find them really great.

Where do/did you find Dura Grit please? On line I guess?

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By Claymore
The actual idea of the Speed Clic is good BUT they are rubbish and not worth the money, the drums are all the same size hence reason the nail peoples work great.
I have the Speed Clic discs and your right they are very good, the speed clic polishing mops aren't very good , mine dropped to pieces as soon as they touched a piece of carved wood so better to use a Sand Flee Mop or DIY version.
I got my Dura Grit bits from Axminster, you may find them cheaper by doing more searches as I was already ordering from Axi and just added them to the order....not cheap but very good.