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By kirso
Hello all,
Now I know its a bit much for a newbie to start moaning. BUT..
I like others have posted in the wanted section of the forums. There are 10 posts in total all of which have been viewed many times. But there is not one reply to any of them.
Now I know people may feel their not able to give the answers to the posts. But it comes over as a very cold group.
As stated in my post I am an older bloke just pottering about in my shed/ workshop now I have the time, and have little knowledge of woodworking. ( I am an electrician by trade, for 40 yrs near enough)
But hope that the ones with the knowledge could pass a bit on to us Newbies when we are in need.
Thanks for listening, and sorry if people don't like the whinge. :)
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By marcros
the problem is that the wanted posts can only be replied to by private message. If you start or join a discussion in any other forum, you will get more responses.

Personally, i often see things put in the wanted section, and think that i may have an alternative suggestion to the wanted item, but i dont want even more PMs clogging up my inbox. So I dont bother sending a response.

the wanted posts expire after a period- 30 days i think, so they are probably only viewed a few times. I doubt people actively go into that forum, so the people reading them are on the "view unread" feature. The posts probably never see the light of day again.

Start a discussion thread, and you will get some answers.
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By nev
Hello Kirso
The Wanted section is for specific goods or services, not for general information, thats why there is not the facility to reply apart from by pm.

If you require any help or advice, however basic or advanced, just start a new topic in the relevant section and I'm sure you'll get a reply or two.
By Glynne
Hi Kerso,
I read your post as wanting specific items which I don't have (or know anybody who does) - hence I haven't replied.
I'm guessing most other forum members have done exactly the same so as Nev says, just use the Wanted for specific items / services and the other boards for everything else.
This forum is many things (just mention sharpening and you'll find out!) but it certainly isn't cold and there are lots of people who will go out of their way to help you whether you are a new woodworker, an experienced amateur or even a professional.
By kirso
Thanks for the replies.
I am surprised by the pm situation for wanted adds. I may be at fault for not reading all the fixed posts and guides.
It just seemed weird with no replies to any of the posts in the wanted section.
I will post in another section and hopefully pick some brains.
Thanks for the info and hope to talk to you again.
By profchris
Beware though - you *will* get helpful information, but maybe mixed with less useful. This site is remarkably good - most replies are based on actual knowledge, but some topics raise passions. For example, don't ask about sharpening until you've read some threads in the topic, because that's more a matter of religion than practice!
By RobinBHM
Hi Kirso, welcome to the forum :D

Yes the wanted section does seem weird -Ive seen posts in there which I would normally add a comment to, but they only allow PMs.

Do post in the general or other relevant section, just go to board index, choose the section then click on new topic!

just avoid topics on:


push sticks

did I mention sharpening....... :D

So put down your bolster and pick up a chisel and start asking!

We like electricians on here, always lots of need for advice on that front
By skipdiver
Don't think i have ever read the wanted section. Maybe i should as i have loads of stuff that would be useful to someone.
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By monkeybiter
Hello kirso, as above welcome to the forum. If you continue to use it [I hope and suggest you do] you'll find it a very friendly and useful resource, as well as a black hole for all your spare time!
Are you in Thorne near Doncaster?
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kirso wrote:...It just seemed weird with no replies to any of the posts in the wanted section.

The details of how the wanted section works is in the Sticky Wanted Section Posting Notes at the top of the section,
Replies to a Wanted Post can only be done via PM's. or e-mail.

New members can use the Wanted section, but they will be under the restriction of not being able to reply to any PM’s they receive until they have made at least 3 genuine posts elsewhere.
Attempts to circumvent the above restrictions with gratuitous posts elsewhere will risk having them removed.

In fairness to other members if you have acquired the item listed please notify a Moderator to remove the listing.
Wanted listings will automatically be deleted after 20 days unless a Moderator receives a request to remove it earlier.

There are reasons for this, main one being that it was found that looking at past history before the facility was added to the forum that there occasionally ensued a lot of verbiage of people counter offering items that folks were looking for at differing prices and unnecessary hurt feelings sometimes ensued.
To avoid this the decision is solely with the buyer without them having to justify to the world why, where, when or if an offer is accepted.
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By Farmer Giles
Welcome to the forum Kirso

I'm originally from Doncaster too, Armthorpe to be exact, not far from Thorne, but now over on the Lancs border, but still in Yorkshire - just!