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By Garybbbb
Hi All .. my 1st post.

1. The board wldnt allow me to upload related photo (from android phone, standard photo), message said file too large .. is there another way to upload photos.

2. Got a damaged (10p size burn hole) white plasticky window seal (fitted when uPvc windows installed 3-4yrs ago). Seal has a vSmooth plasticky surface material. Could i fill it and with what to make it good.
Many thanks.
Ps wld love to know how to upload photo. Cheers.
By Garybbbb
Hi Bill .. spot on mate .. meant window sill not a seal so any info appreciated. Thanks. G
Ps1 can u not get pictures up on the forum??
ps2 im a cab driver and re. my seal/sill oversight .. yuv probably got a decent idea of the extent of my diy knowledge (but vKeen to learn). Cheers
By Garybbbb
Managed to upload photo of damaged sill. Owen has suggested i silicon fill. Now photo available does silicon still stand. Cheers. G
Ps. Think i got ct1 filler indoors .. any value. If not no worries .. i go h/w shop.
By owen
That's in a very obvious place where you're going to really notice any repair. I know you can get upvc window repair kits to fill holes etc but I haven't ever used one so can't comment, plus they cost more than a new cover cill would. I would replace the cill it's pretty easy to do so. No harm in trying to fill the hole with ct1 first and if that looks rubbish replace it?