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By Trevanion
I've been restoring this machine for what feels like the better part of a century :roll: I've polished a lot of the steel parts and they've begun to rust up a little. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for some form of coating that prevents the rust from occurring?
By Sideways
Metalguard Ultra, then oil or wax on top.

Ambersil carry at least one anti corrosion spray that deposits a creamy wax loaded with anti corrosives. It dries to a tacky consistency so suits nuts and bolts and parts that aren't going to be handled.

I've made some machinery feet out of black rolled steel angle recently and for those I (power) wire brushed the rust and loose scale off, blow torched them up to a little too hot to handle then wiped on boiled linseed oil. It looks rather good, is cheap and easy to renew if necessary.
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