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By Max Power
I'm after a machine making to copy wooden spokes for carriage wheels, they're egg shaped in cross section so cant use a lathe.
There are several examples on you tube of ones on a smaller scale for copying fishing lures.
Mine could be similar with an angle grinder with a wood carving blade fitted as per some of them.
Any ideas to point me in the right direction to get some help ?
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By Droogs
if you have a lathe then you can use that. what you need is to get or make a copy attachment.

something like this

but simplified obvs :roll:
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By MikeG.
How many have you got to do? If it's only a handful, then a draw knife and spokeshave will honestly be quicker and easier than any other approach.
By Max Power
Thanks Mike, I make them up in batches of fifty on the spindle moulder at the moment, then finish the end where the shape changes by hand. I was thinking if I had a copier I could set it away do something else for five minutes and repeat.
It would also be useful for when I get repairs in that have spokes different to my cutters as I currently do those by hand.
Hope that makes sense
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By Droogs
also found this for you