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By PeterK
I've bought a second-hand Record Coronet CL3 (36 inch blue) which came with a Record Collet Chuck set. But I also got two large 3.5 inch dia chuck bodies with a total of 3 sets of 4 quadrants in grey caste metal of different diameters. When placed in the body they create a conical shape. There are no maker's markings on any of it. Record don't think they made them but they do seem to fit with other parts of the Record Collet Set. Any ideas?! I assume they would form a dovetail compression or expansion kit if I can get them in the right order!
Peter :?
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By PowerTool
No idea,unfortunately,but welcome to the forum :D
Pictures would probably help,the spam trap will stop them until you've made three posts,though.

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Welcome to the forum Peter.

Ditto on the photos, a lot easier when we can see the bits. As Andrew said you'll have to get another couple of posts under your belt before you can post a outside link.
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By Bodrighy
Blimey another Peter. :lol: Welcome to slopeland. Some chucks don't apparently have to have the jaws in any set orsdwer I have been told by a Pro. Post a pic and there's a good chance that someone on here will have one or know about it.

By dickm
Sounds like the Coronet 6-in-one chuck which is about that diameter. There should be a thing like a truncated cone with a parallel section at the base that fits into a recess in the centre of the chuck body and when the chuck is tightened, this expands the four jaws to grip in a recess on the work.

Mine's been in use for 25 years at least, and it's fine within its limitations. That is, only about 1/4inch movement on the jaws, and a need for three, or possibly four, hands when assembling it! The jaws are supposed to be held together with a rubber band, which always perishes and snaps. Worth making a thin spring wire clip to do the same job.