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By xy mosian
Very nice job Andy. You're a braver man than I for doing it all in public gaze. well done on both counts.

By ossyhugh

finally got round [planning daughter's wedding, don't sak.....] to looking at the finished job on this site- excellent. having had privelage of seeing it first hand i can apprciate the achievement that this represents. well done, and for remembering to take photos as you go.

but it looks to me that it's rellly crying out for another one to make a pair of chests?
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By AndyT
Thanks Hugh and all the others who have asked for a matching pair - I'd sort of like to make one, but there is no space on the other side of the bed, as it's filled with this wardrobe I made years ago and a chest of drawers would stop the left hand door opening!


At the moment there is no other space in the house for another chest of drawers, so I am a bit stuck for what to make next...
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