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By Mark A
Bm101 wrote:Just wondering aloud while taking a break from re-routing the workbench top :oops:
Rorschach wrote:Yes the cable can be annoying, even more so when you add a vacuum hose too. I am thinking of installing a ceiling mounted extension reel for using tools like this. They seem awfully pricey though so might have to just install a hook in the ceiling instead.

In my head I've sometimes wondered about suspending a tight wire (fencing wire/pliers and tensioner) between two eyes along the length of your bench etc. Then suspend a cable in series of sliding loops using cable ties etc. The plug hangs at a height that keeps your tool cord above you. Might have to mess about with tool cables etc. Same for the vac hose just less loops.
Probably best I finish the bench first lol. (hammer)

(Bri... if you connect to a single cable extension (ie with just one connection available) you might find it easier to throw it over your shoulder to keep it out the way?)

Speaking of which... back to it.
I've been doing something similar for years: rope, bungee or wire pulled tight above workbench and either one or two painter's paint tin hooks for the power cable and vacuum hose.

Not as elegant as in the photo above, but since I already have all the necessary things it didn't cost me anything.
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By MikeJhn
I actually have sockets on the ceiling.

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By Bm101
MikeJhn wrote:I actually have sockets on the ceiling.


God. I hope you're proud of yourself.
You Monster.
What do you do on Christmas day? Roast children over coals for fun? :|