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By aramco
Hi the other day I saw someone cut a castle out of a piece of log, I thought I can do some thing similar on the scroll saw here is the result. it is out of a piece of 2x4 pine. I cut the angle to shallow at 89 degrees, so did another one out of a piece of 4 x 5 x 1/2 pitch pine and cut it at 88 degrees, this was just an exercise piece and did not intend to finish it but have decided to complete it . I will do another on about the same size 1/2 inch thick and just for hell of it how many levels I can achieve. - It may be a while before that gets done as I have just had a carpel tunnel op on my left hand - wonder how many other people will give this a go. The castle is meant to lay flat and when one turns it over and shakes the wood up pops the castle.
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