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By graduate_owner
Hi all, and especially any plumbers reading this. I have been trying to replace my old shabby bath pillar taps with a nice shiny new mixer. The mixer is the type that has 2 pillars which match the old 22mm tap connectors underneath the bath. The body of the mixer attaches to these pillars by captive nuts. The tap heads are on the opposite side of the body and are horizontal.
The problem I have encountered is that in tightening the captive nut on the hot side to stop it from leaking, I have split the nut. Looking at the body it appears that the captive nuts are held in place in the body by countersunk Allen headed brass studs. The installation instructions show this too.
My question is, if I remove the Allen headed stud, will I be able to remove and replace the damaged nut? Also, are these nuts available and if so, what are they called?

I could of course just buy another complete mixer but this one is brand new so I am reluctant to do that - yet anyway.

By NazNomad
Not sure I can picture it (without pictures) but if you've got a captive nut, they got it on there somehow. Can you unscrew the piece that the captive nut is around?

... and is it this piece? - ... 2404505152
By novocaine
I think we need pictures to make it clear, I think I know what you mean, you mean where the block of the tap attaches to the legs above the bath. think it's marked on here as 12 but it isn't the best parts diagram ... JPam8/view

its a call to the manufacturer I'm afraid, it isn't a standardised part. depending on the tap you have it might be cheaper to just replace it (you can buy just the tap without the legs normally).

if you are doing it up tight enough to split the nut you've missed something like an O ring or rubber washer out when building it up.
By graduate_owner
Yes, that is the part, no 12. I used the washers supplied but the joint continued to leak until disaster struck. We bought the mixer online about 3 years ago ( things always happen quickly in our house) so not sure I will be able to find the manufacturer - the instructions don't give a maker's name, probably another far east import. Anyhow I'm going to try dismantling the various parts of item 12 to see if I can get the nit off. It's very tight so I am going to try an impact wrench.

By novocaine
I can have a look in my stack of bits and bobs and see if there's one in there but can't promise much I'm afraid. if the washers have been out for so long they may have gone hard and not sealed. stupid design really.
By graduate_owner
I have seen some on ebay, chrome shower nuts, so I will order some. Stupid price though - £80 for shower mixer and matching basin taps, £9 for 2 nuts. A bit like when I wanted a sealing washer for a close coupled WC , washer was about £14 at my local builders supplies, and beside the counter were boxes of new toilets, complete with pan, cistern, flush mechanism and sealing washer for about £45.
Anyway the issue now is getting the old nut off, since I have rounded over the brass Allen key slot on the 'thingy' that holds the nut in place - I wish I had known it was a left hand thread before starting.

And it was all going so well 2 days ago.