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By richarddownunder

spotted this on a local auction site ... 2654407201

It looks in really nice condition but has no identification, so wondered if it was a 'home made' plane. Did infills made by the big makers always have a name somewhere?

By D_W
the big makers didn't always put their name on planes.

That is a professionally made plane, but at some point, the front bun took damage and someone (relatively skillfully, leaving only a faint outline of the bun) trimmed it down to that knob shape.

I should revise - I can't say for sure that it's professionally made by a planemaker, but it's made by a professional as you don't walk into handle orientation and fit like that by accident, but a patternmaker could carefully make a plane of that quality.

The lever cap is a bit far from the iron for a factory plane (but that happens sometimes) and the iron is a good fit, but probably not the original. The lever cap does not look familiar (catalog part?), same with the screw.
By Orraloon
I have a smoother with a Matheson blade and chipbreaker also with no name on the plane. I am not really sure who made it but lean towards it being Matheson. As DW said it is a well made plane. Be interested to see what it ends up going for.