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By Ttrees
ScouseKev wrote:Vfd'd seem to be the way forward then.

No they're not Shhh :)

I forgot to mention that Bob Minchin does do something to get a star wound motor to work
properly with a VFD, but thats way out of my zone.
I don't think a layman like myself would be able to do it.

Read something recently that a star motor can actually be run on 240V but theirs no torque.
I don't know how much torque is "no" torque, but I wonder if their would be any practical uses anyway?
Maybe a wee thin belt sander for finicky shapes ?
I dont think it would be that practical as you could get a small single phase motor fairly easy,
but slightly interesting none the less.

Thanks to Bob once again, for teaching us with his efforts :ho2
His induction motor PDF is worth reading
Good luck