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By Giff
Can anyone recommend good quality butt hinges for cabinets. Silver finish, nickel or chrome to hang 20mm doors. The ones I have found seem a bit flimsy out of pressed steel. Thanks Geoff
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By custard
Trying to do quality work with cheap hardware is just a fool's errand.

The premium butt hinges from Ironmongery Direct are the lowest price option I'd consider, but you'll probably still reject a fair percentage for having too much play and you may well have to open up the countersinks a bit. ... ass-873911

Armac Martin are fairly well regarded, they're not the best, but they're acceptable for most work, ... butt-hinge

I get a lot of my hinges from Horton Brasses in the USA. It's annoying because they in turn get them from a UK manufacturer, but Horton apply a uniquely higher spec.