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By brownbottle
Hi, just purchased a BBS-20 bandsaw and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get an instruction manual for it.
It seems to be in good working order, I've re-aligned everything (the blade was very off centre) but I would like to check the instructions to make sure I've got it all set up ok.


By Lee J
I'm looking for spares for mine. It's got the blade guide missing.

see here...


haven't got a clue where to get one from.
By brownbottle
Tony M wrote:Is this what you're after. I found this via google. **REPORT TO MODERATOR**

Thanks Tony but at that price he's having a laugh, it's about half the price I paid for the bandsaw, which does seem to work ok now (especially since I put the balde in the right way round).
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By AndyT
Chris. Lee,

I've got a BK3/BK3 Plus manual - which I think is pretty similar. I could scan it for you if nobody finds the exact thing.

But there's not much that's special to the model - a general book or guide to set-up would apply ok.

As for spares, I believe that Burgess were absorbed into Record Power. I did once get the door clips from Axminster, but it was years ago. Worth a phone call to them and ask. I expect a lot of these have been scrapped by now!

By SammyQ
Lee, I think I may have a spare guide for that Burgess, let me rummage, pikky on Friday if I have. Yours for a fiver plus the postage? Sam
By Sean S
Hi all, can anyone supply me with a copy of The Instructions for Burgess BK3 Plus bandsaw or perhaps tell me where I can get a copy please...
Many thanks in advance !!!
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By AndyT
Hi Sean

Well, it says here I have a manual, and in 2009 I believe I knew where it was. I've just had a look in all the places I would expect to find it and no luck yet. If I find it, I'll scan it.

Meanwhile, tell us what you need to know - there's nothing specially unusual about it, so any usual description of how to set up a bandsaw will apply. If you are missing bits or wondering how something should look I can take pictures of mine for you, in a bit more detail than this:

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By caretaker
I have got a Mk2 Burgess bandsaw, dose anyone know the blade size i can go upto, like in the machine is a new 1/4 blade, can i go bigger like 3/8th ?
Plus if any one did sort out a manuel that they can email me i would be most appreciated.
thanks Reg
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By AndyT
I've successfully used 1/2" 3/8" and 1/4" on mine and can confirm that there is sufficient room to do so. There's no great advantage with the 1/2" compared to the 3/8" in my opinion, and the 3/8" is easier to tension. Less than 1/4" would not work with the blade guides.
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By AndyT
Ok calling all Burgess fans:

I have scanned and shared the old manual - this should let you grab it as a pdf:

Whether it's worth having or not is another matter...
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