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By MikeG.
Yeah, I should correct my drawing. 150 is the nominal size, including a mortar course, so the actual lintel is 140 x 100. That's fine. The reason for using straps is so as not to pierce the DPC. Buy a cheap roll of the universal galvanised MS strapping, and cut off the lengths you need. Screw and plug into the inside face of the lintels.
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By MikeG.
There's an in depth thread here documenting a workshop build using this technique. Well worth a read for anyone considering building a workshop this way.
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By DBT85

I'd be interested in your opinion of the work being done by Ali Dymock on youtube and his website, trying to clarify details for people while he does his own "garden room".

His videos are quite informative for those of us not au fait with all of the details.

I'd especially like your opinion on how he's raised his floor up on block piers. ... qTA/videos
By mAtKINItice
This is a good question.

Can you answer this Mike regarding the use of the block piers in the previous videos? I happened to watch some of these videos recently too so would ask the same thing myself.

Clip here is only a few mins long:

Much appreciated.
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By MikeG.
I'm only commenting on the floor and sub-structure.

Structurally fine. The massive downsides are two-fold. Firstly, there is a huge step up from ground level, and this has major implications for those trying to build below the Permitted Development heights, as well as for getting machinery into the building....never minding mobility issues and the practicality of climbing 3 steps (there will need to be a landing, so the steps will take quite some room, too). Secondly, creating an open void inaccessible to humans is a recipe for vermin to move in. If you provide a habitat for rats you will get rats. Badgers and foxes would also be interested in such a sheltered spot, safe from humans. Even bumble bees or wasps moving in under there could make the workshop unusable in some summer months.

The reason I went to the trouble to provide my design (in the OP) was to help people avoid those two major issues. My view is that building on piers is to be avoided at all costs.
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By DBT85
A late reply from me but thanks Mike! Are you not commenting on anything else because you were not asked or because your mother said if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing? :lol:

Still so many things to think about before I actually get to the point of building.

I assume that with the lintel design the void created under the floor doesn't become a vermin haven simply because there is no easy way in?

Moved the other questions to the other thread as I'd need a slab for my size.
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By MikeG.
DBT85 wrote:......I assume that with the lintel design the void created under the floor doesn't become a vermin haven simply because there is no easy way in? ........