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By Claymore
I have been experimenting recently trying to improve dust control in my workshop and instead of wasting more money on "Proper" Dust Extractors I decided to make my own and pleased to say it works great, here's a list of items needed to make a similar one.
1x 500w secondhand bouncy Castle Blower (mine cost £12 free delivery on Ebay other bidders)
3x 4" Metal Spigots (for attaching the 4" hose to the blower and Cyclone Bin)
1x 4" plastic Elbow
1mtr of 6mm threaded rod plus approx 16 6mm nuts
1x Sheet of 18mm MDF (4'x2')
1x Galvanised Metal Dustbin
1x 4" Y shaped plastic connector for attaching filters to
2x 6" Hepa filters (for Ash Vacuum Cleaners)
4" Flexible Hose plus various hose clamps etc to suit your machines.

The Actual Cyclone/Bin is like most Thien type separators and there's plenty of info online on how to make them so won't bore ya with details, I used the 18mm MDF and it works perfect but any thick plywood would do.
I have been using the blower for 12 months before making the cyclone and just blowing the very fine dust outside (no neighbours and my land so no probs there) which worked fine BUT in winter it was also blowing my heating outside so decided to make it with filters to trap the very fine dust and it has done the trick. To mount the hoses/filters I just made rings from 18mm MDF and bolted the rings onto the blowers exhaust port.....the 6" filters are just pressed onto the rings with no bolts/screws (make sure your rings are a tight fit before assembling) having run the set up for around 8hrs today I dismantled it and found loads of dust/chips in the dustbin and the tiniest trace of dust inside the filters :D also before running the blower i cleaned all surfaces nearby and after using it there was no dust escaped so very happy with the results.
Anyway as will guess I'm not very good at explaining stuff so here's a load of photos and hopefully they will make more sense than my rambling :lol:
Cheers and if you want anymore info on parts etc then give me a shout
HEPA Filters 2 (Small).jpg
Twin 6 inch HEPA Filters (Small).jpg
Blower with Filters (Small).jpg
Cyclone Inside (Small).jpg
P1090819 (Small).JPG
Cyclone Bin 1 (Small).jpg