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By RogerS
I'm a bit surprised this doesn't get more mentions because it really does what it says on the tin. Very easy to apply. No odour. An oiled wood floor in 4 hours. Hard wearing as well. It's green, as well, meeting the European Ecolabel.

Tools can be cleaned with water. The only 'downside' - if you can call it that -is that you need to apply it to bare wood.

Knocks Osmo into a cocked hat :D
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By Trevanion
RogerS wrote:Knocks Osmo into a cocked hat :D

How bloody well dare you :o

Looks like interesting stuff, 1 hour between coats?
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By Peter Sefton
Roger I agree, It's a great product we use it a lot on our Maple or Sycamore as it retains the light colour. We also use Blanchon Hard Waxoil for Walnut and darker timbers, the Prim'oil is a must if used on oily timbers.

Cheers Peter
By Yojevol
I made a side table for our local church to be used in wedding ceremonies. I finished it in Blanchon hard waxoil. At its first wedding the bride lay down her bouquet on the table to sign the register. Water leaked from the bouquet and went through the waxoil leaving a very pronounced water mark.
I went back to my supplier who basically said "well it would, wouldn't it?" (where have I heard that before?). He advised using a Blanchon primer before the waxoil. So I had to strip it all back and start again. It has now survived many weddings and, more significantly, flower festivals where there is plenty of water sloshing about.
But there is a problem with the primer. It flattens any grain figure, in this case oak. So I wouldn't use it again. More recently I have used Osmo Worktop Oil which has proved easy to apply and is hard wearing.
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By Steve Maskery
This very interesting. Generally I am a fan of hardwax oils. I've used, and been very pleased with, Osmo, and I've recently finished my wardrobe in Treatex (because my local supplier stocked that rather than Osmo. Both are good, as far as I can tell (though I don't have a vast experience of finishing products, I admit). But the pieces that have been finished with those have not been water-vulnerable.

I'm about to make a dining table...
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By RogerS
tony_s wrote:
Steve Maskery wrote:
I'm about to make a dining table...

Will we be seeing this project on YouTube by any chance, Steve?

I hope so. The wardrobe series on Youtube is really well worth watching.