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By Dalboy
Chris152 wrote:Well, I went along Tuesday and really enjoyed looking around and speaking to people, but didn't get as far as trying a lathe - they were all in use by the time I got there. But just watching and talking, I learned a lot.

My copy of Rowley arrived yesterday and I'm already about half way through it - what a great book. Having watched this link (from the turning forum links) ... ng-catches
I started to wonder just how strong my resolve to learn turning is! But Rowley goes through in detail the causes of such catches and understanding better made it all seem slightly less frightening. But even Rowley seems to alternate between saying how dangerous situations easily arise, on one hand, and the need to relax the whole body and mind while turning - not easily done for a beginner, I guess!

Anyway, I've arrived at this point - I think I'm not going to buy a lathe yet, but am going to join the club, get some guidance and practice on a fairly slow burn, and when I'm ready take the plunge I'll buy a lathe. If I can find someone nearby to give me a day or two of one-to-one training, I'll do that too. I didn't realise how remote turning with wood is from turning clay and now look back over this thread and my ambition to throw large plates, and realise how naive I was!

Thanks all,


Yes there are many dangers as in many thing, but with the correct approach and some correct knowledge they can become less of a problem. That is like so many things in life. Crossing a road is dangerous but with care can be done safely.
You have taken the first steps 1 By asking questions. 2 Joining a club. 3 Reading a good reference material. So now carry on keep asking and attending the club learn the correct way to do things in a safe manor you will get so much enjoyment out of the hobby
By Chris152
Thanks Dalboy - I tend to be pretty risk averse when it comes to tools that rotate at high speed - my track saw caused me anxiety til I'd used it a couple of times, and have the track and the wood before the saw clamped down on a table I built for that reason. I'm sure it'll be the same with a lathe in time.

I've been searching the net and have seen a Record CL1 with RP electronic variable speed starting at £400. I wouldn't see it as a buy and sell on in the near future type of thing at that price - is the CL1 a good lathe, or with less power than the CL3 would it struggle with larger bowls? I also saw a yellow Perform like the one Chas posted above, but realised at just under 1.7 metres it was unlikely to fit (without building a shed for the bikes) and not for cutting down!
By Chris152
I see Record have events coming up at Yandles and nearer home. I bought my bandsaw at one of these at a decent discount - do they normally discount lathes at these events, too? After many hours searching, I think I'm going to go ahead and get a new CL4 or Coronet Herald, and any saving's a bonus...