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By Doug71
Am thinking of trying Bedec paint on some Accoya windows I'm making, anyone used it over Accoya?

The customer has had some doors etc made by another company in the past, really high quality and finish but the finish is so good that they just look like plastic, it's an old place and the customer would prefer the new ones hand painted which suits me (I don't do spraying).

My normal finish would be Dulux aluminium primer with Dulux Ultimate Opaque over the top, I'm old school and like spirit based finishes but heard lots of good stuff about the Bedec so thinking of trying it?

The colour will be soft white, I've had a bit of a play with some over Accoya and it's taking a few coats to cover the black markings on the wood.

Is it as good as people say?

Thanks, Doug
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By MikeG.
Yep, it is. It's an architect's dream to be able to specify paint and not have customers ringing up 18 months later to complain it's failed. However, I have no experience of it on Accoya, so I suggest you contact Bedec directly and ask them.