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By Jock
Hi Folks

Ive heard there are Urethane bandsaw tyres available for all bandsaws, but they seem to be sold
mainly in the USA . Does anyone here know if there is a UK supplier please ?

who is the best supplier for bandsaw tyres in the UK ?

Are the Urethane tyres any better than the rubber ones ?

By acewoodturner
Hi Jock

Scott and Sergeant have them the last time I looked Click here.

It is under accessories and spares/bandsaw accessories although I looked tonight and I could only find the urethane glue, the picture they have is of a roll of rubber. Maybe a phone call would be in order.
I also seem to recall a dealer in Startrite accessories who advertise in woodworking magazines who have a wide range of spare parts including tyres.

As you are in Fife you may be local to me. I am in Glenrothes and if you want to send me a pm and I might be able to help you out with some bandsawing.

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By MikeJhn
I think the consensus is that the poly tyres are not as good as standard rubber tyres, well that is what has been posted on here before, in the first instance would it not be best to go to the manufacturer of your machine, I know that Record Power can supply all of thier machines with spare tyres and I suppose they will fit similar sized wheels.


Here's a brain teaser for you "Who manufactures more tyres than anyone else in the world" ?