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By sunnybob
The machine came with 2 x 100 mm ports. One at the bottom of the lower wheel box, and the angled one at the top of the lower wheel box shown in the first picture.

I blocked off the lower one because my entire extraction system is 63 mm and it could not work two 100 mm ports. At first I just had the 63 mm pipe connected to the angled 100 mm with a reducer from axminster, but the dust coming out from under the table was unacceptable. The machine came with an aluminium extrusion that covered the lower blade portion and "supposedly" guided the dust into the wheel box. :roll: :roll: didnt happen.
I use my machine most of the time with the garage door open and the wind blew all the dust everywhere.
Thats why I cut a 50 mm hole in the top of the angled port and built the 3 mm dust box. It works far better than I hoped it would. There is ZERO dust coming from under the table.

If I tilt the table I just lift the box out and accept there will be dust untill the table is squared again. but in over 2 years of heavy usage, thats happened less than a half dozen times.

The 63 mm hose runs to the rigid pipe and back to the extractor.
By PaulR
Thanks sunny that makes a lot more sense, I’m now trying to knock up something similar so will post photos when it’s done, currently stuck trying to find a 63mm connector that will attach to a piece of wood

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By will1983
63mm If I recall correctly is the diameter of guttering downpipe. I'm sure I used 63mm guttering fittings when I was building the dust collection for my mitre saw station.
By PaulR
Thanks to everyone for the advice, I managed to get the 63mm attachment, found some pipe that slotted into that to put the extraction right next to the blade.

The pipe turned up in my dads garage which he used to keep fishing rods in! I saw it, thought that it looked about right, and slotted in perfectly

Thanks again for all the tips / advice


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