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By bwlossie
To all you AWFS18 owners.....
May I ask how your saw reacts on start up?
When I press the on button the speed flies up and then falls back to the set speed on the dial.
This saw is only 6/8 months old so am wondering if this is normal.
Can be quite disconcerting if doing an internal cut and the blade hole is only just larger than the blade.
Any advice welcome.
By whatknot
Mine starts at the speed its set to, sounds like you may have a problem there

I would certainly report it and seek advice from the supplier (presumably Axminster?)

Do it while its under warranty

Perhaps make a small video to send to explain the problem better

Could be something and nothing but better to check now I would say
By bwlossie
Thanks whatnot.
I was thinking the same.
May even ring them on mobile and let them hear it.
By bwlossie
Rang Axminster, not too impressed with their response.
All I basically got was do you turn the speed to zero when stopping and then increase speed when starting up.......NO I DON'T.
Tried turning the speed control all the way down but my saw does not stop! Keeps running. Yes, very slow but the speed control does not stop the saw.
In the end I apologised for wasting their time and hung up. Possibly the wrong thing to do but frustration crept in. Got the impression they were not interested!
Why, after spending £500, should we have to buy extra bits for a machine to make life easier operating it? Hegner quick release.
Why,when having a possible fault, do we keep being told to turn the speed down when stopping the machine? Surely it should start up again at the speed it was stopped on?
Losing faith in Axminster.
By whatknot
Never heard that one before, turning the speed down every time you stop? ridiculous

When I have had the need to phone Axminster they have always been very helpful, but then I haven't bought a new machine from them

Personally I would try again and if you get the same person ask for someone else, if you don't get any help, perhaps asking how you return the machine for a refund might get their attention?

As I don't change the speed that often, and can't recall if it stopped when you turn the dial down I just tested mine, it goes to a slow motion but doesn't stop

The instruction manual says the motor is "Variable speed control with step less speed ranging from 400rpm (Low) to 1400rpm(High)"

It took some finding but the operating instructions include the following

Turning “ON” the Scroll Saw:
1. Open the NVR switch shroud and press the “Green Button”, which put power to the
master on/off switch, to the front of the variable speed control unit. (See fig 18).
NOTE: MAKE SURE the Variable Speed knob is turned down to “LOW”. (See fig 19).
2. Switch on the scroll saw by pressing the master switch to the “ON” position. (See fig 19)

I have never noticed the part about turning the switch to low, its the only mention it has as far as I can see, I have never done so and never had a problem

And neither I suspect has anyone else turned the speed control down every time

And have never come across it on any other machine I have or have had
By redmoorphil
I stopped buying from Axminster years ago after trouble with my AWFS18. Blade was further forward at top than at bottom which resulted in wedge shaped cuts. They attempted a fix which made it worse than ever even though I had suggested a better fix but was unwilling to make changes to the saw myself whilst under guarantee.
When I asked for a refund they wanted to deduct 25% because I had it a couple of months and should have made them aware sooner (I didn't know any better then and thought at first I was doing something wrong!) even though the saw was very clearly faulty. Eventually they agreed to refund and I bought a Hegner but never went back to them and bought all my other workshop equipment elsewhere. They lost about £5k because of their poor customer service.
Your problem sounds like a dirty or faulty potentiometer. Sometimes it can be fixed by turning it a few times from one extreme to the other but if you are under warranty get it checked out. It certainly shouldn't be acting like that normally.
Make sure you are satisfied with what they do and if not make a fuss!
By bwlossie
Good afternoon all,
When my saw came back there was a definate improvement! But now a few weeks on it will not start up at all.
I rang them this morning...."we will have to have it back"
So...on another pallet, being picked up again in the morning.
I asked for my money back, not fit for purpose. "we will have to have it back and see what is wrong with it"
We will repair it and get it back to you as soon as possible. Selective hearing?????
I don't want it back. I want my money back!
We will have a look at it when it arrives.
By bwlossie
Final ending to this story.
My money is being refunded!
A new scrollsaw arrived today...........Hegner Multicut 2sv.
Hope this is the last of my problems.
By bwlossie
Yes, restored a little faith in Axminster. To be fair, though, I have always had good service from them.
I wasn't given a result of the last breakdown. Can only assume the PCB again?