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By Mooeee
Here are 4 Pieces of ASH that I no longer require and therefore I am selling, these need to be collected either by van or car with roof rack, maybe an estate car but would probably have to hang them out the back.

These are heavy.

Length Width Thickness
2800mm 160mm 54mm
2430mm 150mm 65mm
2770mm 180mm 50mm
3160mm 380mm 48mm

Price Collected from Stevenage area;

=D> This is the reduced price £50.00 =D>

Ash one.jpg

Ash two.jpg

Ash three.jpg
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By Chippyjoe
Is this American white Ash, or English Ash please.


By Deadeye
To save others doing the maths, it's 4.6 cubic feet
By Mooeee
sunnybob wrote:You need to add more information. price reduced to what?

I don't need to add anymore information, THE PRICE IS IN THE FIRST POST.
Do you Not think I've NOT changed the price to the new price in the original post, Is it that hard to work out, or do people on here not look at what's actually been listed for sale.
By sunnybob
In that case youre being too clever.
The first post has ONE price. No amamendments, , no "now reduced to", it looks exactly as a first post should. I can assure you i am not the only person thinking that that WAS your original price.

why else would I waste my time trying to help you sell your wood?
By Mooeee
ColeyS1 wrote:
Mooeee wrote:Price Reduced

Collection Only
What's the reduced price please ?

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It's been reduced to £175
I have now altered the first post to show this............