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By PaulR
Hi all,

I've started kitting out my workshop/ garage with cabinets and am now getting to the drawer stage.

I'm wary of the process of fitting drawer runners and just did an Internet and yorum search for drawer runners jigs.

The Kreg looks pretty good, has anyone tried one of those or an alternative?

Speed is key for me as 3 young kids means shop time is scarce !



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By MikeG.
This isn't really an obvious job for a jig. Mark the centreline of the drawer box, and the centreline of the cabinet sides inside the opening (best done pre-assembly). Screw the runner to the box (the screw holes are on the centreline). Screw the other part of the runner to the centreline on the cabinet, setting it back from the front edge by the width of the drawer face.

Alternatively, don't use bought runners, and make traditional wooden ones. It isn't like these drawers are going to be opened 50 times a day every day.
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By MikeJhn
I'v never used a jig, to place the first runner, and that's the difficult one, I would lay two runners inside the cabinet on top of each other with a two mm packing piece between them and the floor, mark the top runner drilling positions on the cabinet side, do the same with the drawer without the packing piece, its then just a matter of putting the next two runners on top of the installed first drawer with a two mm packing piece under it and mark the top one, once you have the cabinet side marked, the inner runner is positioned in the same way without the packing piece above the bottom of the drawer, using the first drawer as a guide ensures the remaining drawers are parallel with the first one.

Problem with traditional wooden runners is they will not take the sort of load that I put in my workshop drawers, or open as far as runners can without tipping.


Of course it does not have to be two runners on top of each other, one of the spacing piece's can be any depth you like according to the depth of the drawer, just needs marking which face is top to be consistent.

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By Lonsdale73
I have the Kreg. In typical Kreg style, it's fairly simple to set up and use and I'm all for anything that makes woodworking easier for me. Due to its wedge-shaped design it's not much use for installing bottom drawers in, e.g, an existing already fitted kitchen cabinet but for a new build I got round that by turning the cabinet upside down. Think mine came from Yandles who seemed to be the only place in the country to have them in stock. Not even the Kreg stand at last year's Midlands Woodworking Show had any.
By PaulR
Thanks for all the comments and advice, I've done a bit more research on YouTube and found a simple home made jig (2 pieces of plywood in a t shape) which look like it will do the job, if it doesn't I'm straight off to yandles!

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