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By devonwoody
I have been working on the bandsaw table attempting to fit a new top to the table and I drilled four holes for bolts and applied a bit of MDF but I got my orientation wrong so looking for another offcut to do again. The reason I am adding a top is I am wanting to fit a jig to do mitred corners like my old tissue boxes. I found the 3/8th blade cut a super test mitre the other day.
By jonb
Just got one of these as a first bandsaw and pretty impressed with it bar the table and fence. The table seems prone to excess vibration especially if the fence is fixed to the outside/right side of the blade. No vibration in the rest of the machine. Can anyone tell me if this is normal for these machines as sometimes the vibration is sufficient to move the fence, which admittedly only just about clamps on anyway?
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By MrTeroo