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By oakmitre
I'm looking for a blue tak / play doh / silly putty material that epoxy resin will not stick to.

Preferably to leave a smooth, clean release.

I'm trying to make micro usb barrel jacks using a drinking straw / micro usb jack and clear epoxy.

I need a putty I can press the micro usb connector and a drinking straw into, before pouring the resing.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?
By oakmitre
Thanks for the replies. I've attached some pictures of what I want to do.

The drinking straw was filled to the top with epoxy, but it leaked.

I want to push the connector ( which I have sealed the side holes on ) into some putty to seal the end. Then put the straw on the outside to mould the barrel.

The example shown works fine electrically, but I would like to make it a bit nicer. I don't want to have to cut epoxy from the end.
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By Droogs
try candle wax
By oakmitre
I managed to solve it.
After soldering.
Paint the socket with a very thin layer of silicone grease. Dip the socket into candle wax. Once the wax is set,push of the external wax using a cocktail stick. Rub the outside with alcohol to remove the silicone grease.

The push the connector face down into blue tac rolled thin. Push a 9mm diameter drinking straw section into the blue tac.

Then pour the resin:)