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In response to a couple of posts recently, sorry for my prolonged absence. Apart from quickly logging on at odd intervals, I've done almost no posting for about the last 6 weeks. So in response to (I think it was aramco - John) and anyone else, sorry for ignoring you. Not deliberate.

Also to Sammy Q, although I've promised to E-mail Claymore (Brian) personally some weeks ago, I haven't yet done so - but it WILL be done later today, I promise.

Several reasons:
1. My wife has been in hospital for about 10 days each as an in-patient twice in the last couple of months - added to which there have been several day-long visits to out-patients for more tests. In present condition she is not able to drive herself - not that I would even allow it;

2. My back has recently been playing even sillier pippers than it usually does recently;

3. A major (for me) project (which will be written up and posted soon) had a deadline for the new owner to come here from about 700 Km away together with his trailer to pick up end March - it's too big to go in either of our cars. A deadline which I've now missed (thank goodness the new owner was very understanding)!

All in all it's been a bit of a struggle recently, and to roughly translate a common saying here, I've been "standing beside my shoes" for a lot of the time recently.

So apologies to anyone who missed me/asked for me. Will get back into the swing soon, starting off by E-mailing Claymore today.

Cheers all, good to be (more or less) back.
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By Honest John
Missed both you and Claymore, glad you are back and wish you and your wife well for a speedy and pain free recovery. It hasn5 half been quiet around here.
Thanks mate, glad to be back.

My wife deffo better now, thanks, but with more tests to come next month "we'll see"!

As per my today's post "Claymore" in the General/Off topic section, I have now sent off an E-mail to Claymore, as I promised Sammy Q all those weeks ago. Will advise results asap.
By SammyQ
Life happens. I retired Sept 2017 and haven't stopped 'working like a nailer' ever since. Events not unlike your own, and including a move from one country to another...Haven't managed one single day pleasure woodworking in all that time.
So, nae probs, AES, you'll get to it when you get to it. See ya then!
Drinks is just fine with me Sir, though noon may be just a LITTLE early! (BTW, During my military times I was never in the Officer's Mess, except when I was a naughty boy - once - and during my time on "jankers" had to go there and do some cleaning up after a party they'd had).

Thanks, good to be back.
By aramco
Hi caught up hope your good lady gets well soon , I hoped you had not done a disappearing act like Claymore.

take care