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By ColeyS1
AES wrote:Coley, that sounds awful all round. I had no idea any UK schools are like that today

I've got a quite old inkjet portable printer (Hewlett Packard 460). 5+ years I think. It's NOT the cheapest to run but it's been all over the world with me and printed out getting on for "millions" of pages, dead reliable. You can carry it with one hand, it's light, small and is multi colour, (1 B&W cartridge, 1 3 colour cartridge). It even does double sided printing (manually). The ink cartridges cost about 20 quid each here, and are still available (no separate print head, they're built into the cartridges). It runs on both 240 Volts and a built in battery (batt charges all the time it's plugged in but not actually printing - NiMh I THINK).

I was just about to break it for bits, but if we can work out a way to get it to you, it's yours - now I'm fully retired I don't need a portable any more and am going to get a B&W laser soon anyway (I still have a separate colour inkjet for photos).

PM me if interested and we'll see if we can work something out.

That's such a kind thoughtful offer, thankyou. I should probably say another reason I call my mum a hoarder is cause she spends what little money she has like dishwater- and has a house full to the rafters to show for it. I appreciate the offer but if I can persuade my mum getting a printer would make my nieces life easier buying one won't be a problem. Canibalise your for parts.

This will sound completely bonkers but getting my mum to allocate a space 8x12 inchs big enough for a printer would be a challenge. She's the only person I know that will take 3 hours to put away 4 carrier bags of groceries, the only reason being the cupboards are completely full and she's having to juggle stuff around to get it all to fit.

I was looking at my nieces situation the same way I look at a complicated joinery project - First off gather all the facts, then look at a way of pushing the project forward. I'm at the gathering information stage at the moment and was hoping that dealing with the school direct would save the "my niece said the teacher said, my mum said my niece said the teacher said" type situation.

I'm gonna approach this from both angles now. Explain to my niece about using the school printing facility but also chat with my mum to see if something can be jiggled around so she can have a printer somewhere.

I've only been aware of the homework printing issues the last week but it seems an eternity. Really does feel like a problem shared is a problem halved so thanks a lot for that guys.


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@ColeyS1: Re my portable printer. OK, all understood. If you change your mind/circumstances change in the next few weeks then just PM me. I've only just installed a new B&W cartridge (last from my old stock) and won't be scrapping the printer until that's empty.

Good luck with the rest of all that "mess" mate.