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By ScottGoddard
Hi - i would like to reconstruct the below console table, but I could do with advice on the top section. I am torn between making the 'box' and top in ply wood. This would mean i wouldn't have to worry about movements and i could easily paint or cover the top in Marmoleum.

If i were to make the box from solid wood what would people recommendations be for the joints between the bottom, sides, front panel and back? dove tails?

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By MattRoberts
I think you might be worrying about wood movement a little too much. Bear in mind that people were making furniture long before plywood existed.

Also, wood movement is much more of an issue in more humid climates such as the US, than it is in the UK. That's not to say it's not a consideration, because it definitely is, but it shouldn't prevent you from using normal timber