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By Jimbombim1
I have been trying to work out the best way of making some additional doors for a kitchen update project, but I can't work out the best method of making the doors.

The doors have top and bottom rails, a stile either side, and a panel in middle. The central panel is two vertical pieces separated by a centre rail. However, the centre rail is set back from the face, in a recess, but when viewed from the back, the rail is flush with the top/bottom stiles.

I can't see any of the possible housing groves, and there is nothing obvious top/bottom in the recess in front of the centre rail, between the two panels.

Some advice or help on working out the best option for making some more of these doors that allow for any movement, would be greatly appreciated.

The door handle is just planted on the front and screwed on from the back, so that does not affect any of the joinery.

Please see the attached images of the front & back of a door.

Back of the door
Front view of the cabinet door