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By TFrench
Chesirechappie, I once saw a guy operating a piling rig pounding on his adjustable with a lump hammer to tighten a bolt. Serious tool abuse!

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By AndyT
Ah, adjustable spanners... The really fascinating aspect is that so many mechanics have picked one up, used it and thought "I could make a better one" and hence there are enough designs to fill a book ... ron-geesin
Blimey? Over 3,000 (THOUSAND) variations! I had no idea. I must look at that properly later on, thanks Andy T.
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By Rhyolith
E-wan wrote:That locking adjustable spanner looks useful is Stanley the only brand that make these?

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Yes to my knowledge and only in 10”. If Bahco made them and in more sizes I doubt I’d have any other spanners in my toolbox.
Yet another bit of thread drift, sorry, but not quite as much as my last anyway!

My lawn mover (a wheeled rotary) has the blade retained by a single large centre "nut" arrangement. Included with the machine is a large yellow "plastic ring spanner". This plastic is as tough as old boots because if you try and apply too much torque the "ring" expands a bit (it doesn't break) and the spanner just slips smartly around the nut to the next flat - a sort of poor man's torque spanner I guess.

Very clever except for the fact that if (when?) it slips your knuckles swing round and catch on the newly sharpened blade edge. Though of course the blade isn't razor sharp, it don't 'arf 'urt Mum - enough to draw blood. So far I've "only" done it once!

IF intentional (by the manufacturer) it's a clever idea though. No idea what sort of plastic it is.
Thanks AndyT. No, I don't THINK it's reinforced nylon, it's a single yellow colour throughout as far as I can see. Clever idea though.