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By OW_Turn
Hi, I am turning a low flat dish out of oak and want to add some copper (it has a historic connection to the oak). I am thinking that possibly the easiest way is to create a shallow recess in the bottom of the dish and fix a disc of the copper into the recess??
Has anyone got any thoughts on this please? Do I cover the copper disk with clear epoxy, or maybe cut the copper into a thin strip which can be made into a spiral and then set it in the recess with Miliput or something?
I thought there would be loads of youtube videos to get ideas from but I am struggling to find inspiration!

Thanks in advance
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By Dalboy
That is all I did was to form a shallow recess and insert some copper into it I did heat mine up and beat it with a hammer to give a planished effect and lightly cleaned the high spots once clean and inserted with epoxy resin making sure I masked the surrounding area as well as the copper disc before the resin had time to harden I wiped the excess off and removed the masking this left it all nice and clean ready for the finish which I used a spray rather than a brush on finish.

beech bowl 4 (800x560).jpg
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By Lazurus
Also consider the use of clear casting resin, you can set a whole host of items using the stuff. I did a bowl with a recess around the rim and inset a motorcycle chain the finished result was actually better than it sounds. The resin is totally clear and can be finish turned and polished to remove any marks.
By OW_Turn
Thanks all for your help. As a result i have now found NZ Turning on you tube who uses resin a lot in his turnings. I've ordered a small sample of the stuff he uses and I will see how it turns out.
If any good, I may even post a piccy!
By OW_Turn
Thanks for that. I received this: yesterday and did a test pour last night - very pleased so far!